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Purpose and Objectives

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The Round Table Foundation de­ve­lop­ed from casual inter­dis­ci­pli­nary meet­ings into an in­de­pen­dent, im­par­tial, open-minded, non-profit Found­ation de­di­cat­ed to problem-solving and research, espe­cial­ly in – but not li­mi­ted to – me­di­cine and the na­tu­ral scien­ces.

It gathers dis­tin­guish­ed scho­lars en­gag­ed in me­di­cal, scien­ti­fic, and en­gi­neer­ing research, as well as the hum­ani­ties, who are com­mitt­ed to the fur­the­ran­ce of scien­ce and tech­no­lo­gy and to their use for ge­ne­ral wel­fare and well-being.

The Found­ation in­te­gra­tes under its roof se­ve­ral long stand­ing en­dea­vors in scien­ce and hu­ma­ni­ta­rian aid.

Shared Vision

Creating a global community of science for the benefit of mankind by disseminating the ideas of ethical, humane, broad-based and broad-minded research and application of scientific findings.


To advance scientific knowledge, to promote the ideals of academia, to positively impact the major global challenges of society with solutions that are science-based, to make scientific institutions both in academia and in commercial environments more transparent and accountable, to generate an active agenda of ethical values and use of research, to collaborate with institutions and to increase the number of scientifically informed individuals in societies at large, as well as help leading children towards a good and stable education.

TRTF's Mission has been codified in the Foundation's statutes. Its Latin motto runs:

"TRTF • Tabula Rotunda – Tabula Fecunda (sit):
A round table should be a creative table."

Main Efforts

The Foundation fulfills its mission through the following main efforts:

spaceholder 960   Sponsorship of several events annually, bringing together international groups of speakers of excellence in their field to exchange information on basic or applied frontier research fields and on the broader societal roles of science and technology;
spaceholder 960   support of programs and of individuals pursuing the vision of the Foundation;
spaceholder 960   bestowal of the Pro Academia Prize.

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