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Annual Outlook

The President of TRTF, Peter A. Rinck, sum­ma­riz­es the main to­pics of this year's An­nual Coun­cil Meet­ing.

Dear Friends,

he last two years have mixed up the world and with it the sche­dul­ed af­fairs of the Found­ation. The An­nual Coun­cil Meet­ing in 2020 was ar­rang­ed as a tele­phone con­fe­rence, the Meeting in 2021 was "human" again — in person. All in all, the general situation of the Founda­tion is positive. The restruct­uring some years ago has brought new flexi­bi­lity and diver­sity. Gladly, today we see that the way chosen was good and suc­cess­ful.

spaceholder new blue  The Covid Crisis and the Colombian Children. Due to the circumstances, our partner foundation Fundación Corazones Solidarios in Bogotá had to close its doors for some time but has slowly begun to re-open in mid-summer 2021. In spite of re­stric­tions, and thanks to gener­ous finan­cial donations received during 2020/2021, the children were cared for in the best way possible, and their learning and playing acti­vi­ties continued partly through the internet.

The members of the foundation board and the teachers accomp­lished a fan­ta­stic job adapt­ing to the circum­stances and have to be con­gratu­lated. We are on standby and hope that the coming months will allow acti­vi­ties to return to normalcy.

spaceholder new blue  Round Table Meetings and Colloquia. The thirty anniversary conference on MR contrast agents Contrast-Enhanced Biomedical Imaging — Standing at the Crossroads was de­vot­ed to new de­ve­lop­ments in mag­ne­tic re­so­nan­ce con­trast agents — and a re­view of the past 40 years. The two-day meeting in 2019 turned into an exceptional platform to present and follow-up developments and results in the field since the introduction of such agents.

However, this meeting was the last major in-person con­feren­ce of TRTF. All meetings in 2020 were can­celled or post­poned, first to 2021, then to 2022. Video con­feren­ces were not welcomed by possible parti­ci­pants; they were not considered fitting the style and nature of these meetings.

Hopefully, we will gradually revert to symposia in the "familiar" way in 2022.

spaceholder new blue  Virtual Campus Initiative. The — learning — experience gained from the Virtual Campus Initiative has led to an expansion of the objectives of the Ethics and Philosophy Chapter; the revitalization of scientific and research codes of standards, honesty, integrety, and the imperative knowledge of fundamental scientific and research principles will be included in future discussions and proposals.

spaceholder new blue  e-Teaching Courses. TRTF's e-teaching of scientific English, part of the Virtual Campus Initiative, was discontinued. The main reason was the lack of basic knowledge of the participants, in English, in writing, and in scientific and research basics. All in-person teaching courses were also discontinued.

e-Teaching lessons had been arranged on a VLE (virtual learning platform), a virtual classroom where participants can see and talk to the teacher and their fellow students. Students of dif­fer­ent levels enrolled, but most of them were found not to be qualified for the required tasks; e-learning was also disturbed by the individual surroundings of the students. It was con­clud­ed that courses like these should be run by academic in­sti­tu­tions or dedicated language schools on their premises face to face with a teacher several times a week for at least one year, if pos­sib­le personalized for individual students.

spaceholder new blue  The Magnetic Resonance Textbook. With more than one million page views, the e-Learning website magnetic-resonance.org continues to be one of the most at­tract­ive online learn­ing plat­forms to study the fun­da­mentals of a scientific discipline. The English and Spanish versions as well as the Chinese beta-version were released to­ge­ther with an updated 11th English version in 2017.

The conclusions drawn from publishing the elec­tro­nic text­book on magnetic resonance basics were summarized in a detailed and critical Rinckside column. In consequence, the 12th edition of the textbook was published in print again in 2018, with a corrected reprint in 2020. The 13th edition is expected to be published in late 2022/early 2023. To allow a glimpse of the new version, free offprints of several chapters of the 13th edition are available here.

spaceholder new blue  Rinckside, the more than 30 year old column on “Medi­cal Imag­ing, Scien­ce, and Beyond” was integrated into the chapters of The Round Table Foundation. By receiving an ISSN, it turned into an officially citable scientific journal — small, but present. It is now listed by the German National Library as a serial publication, and registered with the ISSN International Center in Paris. Its scope was widened in 2018 by including "Special Supplements" in addition to the regular columns. New layouts for users with mobile devices and for laptops/desktops were made available in late 2020.

spaceholder new blue  A Small Café. An offspring of Rinckside is A Small Café, a platform to present thoughts, re­flect­ions and views. Since summer 2020 three new con­tri­bu­tions were published.

spaceholder new blue  The Pro Academia Prize. The Prize for 2021 was award­ed to Klaus Roth of Berlin, Germany. Because of the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic the Prize Ceremonies for both the Prizes 2019 and 2021 were postponed. The exact dates will be announced later. Details can be found on the Pro Academia website. We are proud of this Prize and congratulate the recipients.

spaceholder new blue  Sponsorship. As always: We are happy about and grateful for any sup­port, be it financial or personal — please do not hesitate to join the team. We have found several new sponsors for our Humanitarian Aid Chapter and thus intensify the sup­port for our project in Colombia.

Yours truly,

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Rinck
President of the Council

25 August 2021

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