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"Published by TwinTree™."
Since 1985 The Round Table Foun­dation (TRTF) has published books. TwinTree™ is the trade­mark of the imprint under which TRTF issues books and other publications. In the fu­tu­re, TwinTree™ will take over and re-edit further pub­li­ca­tions by or connected to TRTF. This will include printed and electronic specialist and scientific li­tera­ture, columns and articles, as well as fiction.

Publications and Software

Cautionary Note – Plagiarism and Infringement of Copyright. Increasingly our publications are copied and used illegally. The Foundation reserves all rights with respect to copyright and trademark ownership of all material at this site and its other printed and digital publications, and will enforce such rights to the full extent of applicable law – even if this means high legal fees and fines for the perpetrator and possibly the end of an academic career.

TRTF: Periodicals and an Open Platform


Rinckside, the more than 30 year old column on “Imaging, Science, and Beyond” was integrated into TRTF. Rinckside is published several times per year at irregular intervals both in an electronic and a printed version and is an officially citable scientific journal — small, but present. It is listed by the German National Library as a serial publication, and registered with the ISSN International Center in Paris. A Digest Version adapted to their readership appears as "Maverinck" on the website Aunt Minnie Europe.

It is a unique and independent platform to stress points Europe-wide — and beyond. The reader may not agree with the contents of the articles — sometimes even the author does not agree with them. But the aim is to provoke discussion and change of certain developments and behaviors, and in this the articles have been successful.

Over time, some articles were discussed quietly, some provoked major internal exchange of confidential letters and e-mails within and between professional bodies and companies (of which the author sometimes get copies), and after many years, when the subversion did not die a natural death and threats did not shut Rinckside up, the number of Letters-to-the-Editor increased. Any critical response, negative or positive, was a success — the topic was not kept under wraps any more, but publicly discussed. Some politicians made reference to Rincksides in parliamentary debates, radiological societies adapted their politics, learned journals even changed their layout.

Rinckside was completely revamped and got a face-lift in 2020.


he new or­ga­ni­za­tion of TRTF opened up for a wider range of pub­li­ca­tions. The new plat­form A Small Café will allow on-line publication in several languages of presentations of Pro Academia Prize recipients and of books and essays by friends and collaborators of TRTF. It is meant to be a plea­sant and inspiring small virtual academic meeting place on literature, philosophy, criti­cism, chron­icles, discourse and debate and open to a wide range of authors.

A Small Café is available in both a tablet/desktop and a smartphone version. Among the contributions are:


Paolo Bianco:
I cervelli di Deviatkino

Peter de Chamier:
Der Detektiv in der Literatur

Peter A. Rinck:
Klimatische Kurorte im Ober­italie­ni­schen Seen­gebiet

Peter A. Rinck:
Research and Science: From Individuals to Societies – Alexander von Humboldt in Spain

Regine C. Schulz:
The Variety of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

Alexander von Wyttenbach:
Die Vernunft als Untertan des Unbewussten

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