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The Round Table Foundation

he Foundation.
TRTF was created by scien­tists of dif­fe­rent count­ries and fields. Its var­ious Chapters pro­mote learn­ing and teach­ing, inter­disci­plinary science and research, sup­port academia and inter­cul­tural under­stand­ing, and aid the young:

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TRTF's Mission has been codified in the Foundation's statutes.
Its Latin motto runs:
"TRTF • Tabula Rotunda – Tabula Fecunda (sit):
A round table should be a creative table."

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By the way: A round table need not necessarily be an oak table, still not any table does.

The President of TRTF, Peter A. Rinck, summarized the main mission features of the Foundation after this year's annual Council Meeting.

spaceholder 960    Read the Letter from the President.

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Exemplary Groups

Pro Academia

he Pro Academia Prize.
In today's science and research, places of quiet dis­cus­sion free from strife are rare, and, though ge­ne­ral­ly preach­ed, broad-based in­te­rdis­ci­pli­nary ex­change usually remains minor-league.

Single out­standing scien­tists have become a rarity. They still exist; however, in most cases research and academia require teams, or­ganiz­ed as a net­work of groups with a com­mon inter­est. Lead­ing in­di­vi­duals, with a clear re­search ori­en­tation, forge success­ful groups and net­works with ac­com­plished and com­­pe­­tent re­sear­chers.

The Pro Academia Prize is be­stowed on one or se­ve­ral aca­de­mic groups that serve as an exam­ple. The next prize de­ci­sion is ex­pect­ed in mid-2021.

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EMRF: New Structure and Policies

EMRF logo

uropean Magnetic Resonance Forum (EMRF).
EMRF is the oldest scientific institution in Europe de­vot­ed to inter­dis­ciplinary medical and biological magnetic resonance, bridging the gap between the exact scien­ces and me­di­cine. No com­mer­cial com­panies have any vested interest in EMRF and its mem­ber­ship branch ESMR.

After its incorporation into TRTF in 2007, the or­ga­ni­zation an­nounc­ed the adoption of a new structure and mission stra­te­gy. As a Chapter of TRTF, the Forum has reorganized its acti­vities and extended its teaching program to the internet.

Its Euro­pean Mag­ne­tic Re­so­nance Award has merged into the Pro Academia Prize; in the future, the Award will only be bestowed in very special cases. EMRF's status as an independent institution within TRTF will remain untouched.

spaceholder 960   More about EMRF.

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Virtual Campus Initiative

Virtual Campus

–Learning and Interactive e-Teaching.
At its annual meeting, the Council of The Round Table Foun­da­tion has decided to discontinue its virtual classroom for teaching scientific English.

spaceholder 960   All other activities in the framework of the Virtual Campus Initiative will be continued. More about this decision will explained by the President in his Letter from the President.

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Magnetic Resonance Textbook

MR Textbook

–Textbook on the Web returns to print.
After the tremendous suc­cess of the English e-Learning website Magnetic Resonance, Span­ish and Chi­nese trans­lations are avail­able too as beta versions.

TRTF's magnetic resonance learning website is a com­plete, in­de­pen­dent — and free, open access — basic magnetic resonance e-text­book, to look up specific questions or to learn the fundamentals step-­by-­step. It includes a glossary and a list of acronyms. The 11th edition was released in summer 2017 in English, 34 years after this popular textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum (EMRF) was published the first time.

For the time being, the 11th edition will be the last web-version. In spring 2018 (followed by a corrected reprint in 2020), the 12th edition was published as a completely revised, updated and enlarged printed hardcover version.

spaceholder 960   Additional news and explanations are given in the Letter from the President.

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wo serial publications under the roof of TRTF.
In 2015, the learned columns pub­li­cation Rinckside (ISSN 2364-3889) was incorporated into the chapter structure of TRTF. Its Editorial Board has been enlarged.

The more than 30-year old column on “Imaging, Science, and Beyond” is published several times per year at irregular intervals both in an electronic and a printed version and is an officially citable scientific journal — small, but present. It is listed by the German National Library as a serial publication, and registered with the ISSN International Center in Paris. A Digest Version adapted to their readership appears as "Maverinck" on the website Aunt Minnie Europe.

Rinckside was revamped and got a face-lifts in 2019 and 2020.

It widened its scope by opening a multilingual daughter site, A Small Café. It is meant to be a plea­sant and inspiring small virtual academic meeting place on literature, philosophy, criti­cism, chron­icles, discourse and debate and open to submissions by a wide range of authors.

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Groundwork for the Future

MR Textbook

n Investment.
"There is no finer in­vest­ment for any com­mu­ni­ty than putt­ing milk into babies," Wins­ton Chur­chill once stated.

TRTF goes beyond milk; a little break­fast and lunch, teach­ing how to brush your teeth, and a basis of read­ing, writ­ing, sing­ing — at TRTF's South American branch in Bogotá, Colombia.

spaceholder 960   More (including an update on Covid) …